Guess Who

Posted: October 19, 2009 in Family

Last night, in the van on the way back from Greenville, Maggie and Abbie were playing a guessing game.  Maggie would come up with some clues like, “I have have a long mouth, ride on animals and drink red liquid.”  The answer was a mosquito.  Most of her other animals were things like rabbits, donkeys, etc.  Then it was Abbie’s turn.  Here were her clues.

Abbie’s clues: “I’m dead and I eat brains.”

Why is it my six-year-old’s first thought was about zombies?

  1. caedmon says:

    As I recall, this isn’t an isolated incident of zombieism, is it?

  2. jpfagapeu says:


    Not really. If not zombieism, then something else equally disturbing.

  3. caedmon says:

    I wonder where in the world they could have gotten it from…

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