Midlife Crisis

Posted: October 1, 2009 in Faith

Yesterday I was joking with another pastor on the topic of midlife crises.  His quip was that their recently purchased used mini-van is his midlife crisis car.  I mentioned that a couple weeks ago as I was attempting to repair the blower motor on my family’s van I was considering our current vehicular state: My truck is non-functional currently and I had to non-op it.  My van still has no blower motor for heat (and it’s starting to get really cold).  “God,” I said, “I’m thirty-five.  Seventy’s a respectable age to live to.  Can I have my midlife crisis now.  I could really use a new vehicle.”

Vehicle aside, however, I realized that things are looking like that.  I’ve recently closed the doors of my church plant.  I’m lacking in definitive direction at the moment, waiting for God to point the way.  A time of transition.

  1. Ed Hurst says:

    I’ve walked there, so I can stand with you in prayer.

  2. caedmon says:

    Uh oh….

    I bought my midlife crisis car when I was 25. Does that mean I only have 15 years left?

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