One of the silly things I love about my MacBook: the glowing apple logo on the back of the monitor.  My nineteen-month-old son loves it too.  Thinks it’s the coolest thing.


3 thoughts on “Silly Thing

  1. I love that Apple! I wonder if there’s any software out there to manipulate it? I’d like to make it pulse, rather than glow steady. A nice slow oscillation would be cool. Or maybe something that keeps time with iTunes, like the visualizer? 😀

  2. That would be interesting. A quick search just brought up a bunch of articles on the same topic, how to physically mod the case to change the color of the apple logo. Not sure I want to take a screw driver to my macbook lcd lid just to slip in a sheet of transparency paper with the sole benefit of changing the color of my cool glowing mac logo.

  3. *nod*

    I’m not going to do something that voids the warranty just for cosmetics. Did see some neat things with stickers applied to the outside of the case. Done right, that could still look cool.

    I notice the brightness of the apple dims as I dim screen brightness, but doesn’t dim if I change from a white to black desktop, so it can’t be as simple as “the light from the screen shining through” as a few sites suggest, leading me to believe there’s a software-controllable light source. Hacking software doesn’t necessarily void warranty… 😉

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