Dreams are strange.  Sometimes we wonder if they are prophetic and other times just pathetic.  Some we want to try to get back to while others we try to get away from.  Often we wonder if a dream is trying to tell us something.

Last night I had a bad dream.  A strange dream.  First, the location.  It was home, but no home I’ve ever lived in.  It was also very much not American (more by that dream feeling than anything else).  It began by my walking down a flight of steps to the front door (apparently someone had knocked).  Half way down the steps I realized that while I still had my slacks on, I had taken my dress shirt off (I was at home after all) and was about to answer the door in my undershirt.  For some reason I had great difficulty with this.  (The person knocking was apparently someone I did not want to appear before without full dress).

And then my alarm went off.  While the imagery was less than horrific, it still had that “bad dream” feel to it.  Odd.


One thought on “California Dreamin’

  1. It’s interesting which dreams stay with us.

    I dream a lot. Some are just last night’s dinner taking revenge, but others are important. Some come with direct interpretation and some sit for years before being brought back to mind with interpretation.

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