Mac user though I am, I dig playing old DOS games.  I’ve been using DosBox, which is a great program.  Even better however was my discovery of Boxer, a DOS game emulator designed specifically for the Mac.  It’s even easier to install, play and manage classic DOS games.

Another great application is img2icns [image to icons] which allows you to give any file a new icon.  Handy for those great DOS games which are playable as a double click icon thanks to Boxer above.


One thought on “Boxing Day

  1. I am trying so hard to pretend I didn’t read this post. The last thing I need is another diversion.

    School starts in three weeks, I’m behind on a writing project, and I’m picking up an HD DVR from the cable company this afternoon (got in on a deal that gets me oodles of HD sports channels plus the regular basic cable stuff for only $20/mo!)

    No. Will. Not. Frag.

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